BipartiVox - Free & Simple Online Condorcet Voting

Designed for small-scale elections like associations, class representatives, or enterprise committees, BipartiVox employs the Bipartisan/Range, an efficient Condorcet method.

Why choose BipartiVox ?
  • Completely free
  • Simple & intuitive: vote via Email token and minimal data input
  • Optimized interface for both mobile and desktop
  • Anonymous voting
  • Use of the Bipartisan/Range, the possible current best voting method
The Ballot model on mobile and desktop
The Bipartisan/Range Method:

The election consists of two rounds, with the second potentially being instantaneous:

  • In the first round, each voter ranks the candidates.
    Most of the time, there is a "Condorcet winner" (i.e., a candidate who beats all other candidates in pairwise comparisons) and they are elected.
    Otherwise, it is a "Condorcet Paradox" (e.g., A>B, B>C, and C>A). Then, a leading group, called the Bipartisan set emerges from the optimal strategy in a Rock-Paper-Scissor-like game.
  • In the second round, if a Condorcet Paradox exists, voters assign a score between 0 - 100% to each candidate within the Bipartisan set.
    The candidate achieving the top average score is elected.
Key Properties:
  • Allows a richer expression of choice.
  • Candidates' outcomes are stable despite similar competitors.
  • Promotes broadly acceptable candidates over polarizing ones.
  • Reduces the spoiler effect of low-chance candidates.
  • Voters can rate candidates without unintended consequences.